Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dying from life...

Such a sad warning and when you look at this alongside the effects of austerity (caused by bailing out banks and not collecting due taxes from corporates) - you HAVE to wonder how we allowed this to be the shape of the world we pass to the next generation.

The way we live life doesn't fit anymore (wonder when it did?) - forcing our young to kill each other in wars over power, geographical control and resources... cramming ourselves into boxes of 9-5 with commutes either side of that... putting our children into nurseries that cost more than half our wages so that they can be looked after by people who don't love them like we do, in order to survive insane energy bills, rising taxes and a cost of living that makes the hours in our days only available to earn and not to enjoy life... to take all that our elderly that have worked for in order to pay for a hint of dignity in their later years; not that there's many of those with the raising of retirement age only allowing us a merest glimpse (if we're lucky) of life without obligation to work before we die... treating those with disabilities and illness like a burden rather than respecting the fact that they are already paying a price for life that is far higher than we can know.

Sad, bad corporate driven world with too little room for joy :(

This is not the ONLY way to live


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