Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 ...out of place

The best faces come when staring bleakly into the worst places... seeking solace.

The ugly of the reality, of the shape of the corruption and abuse of power we uncover as we strive to make sense of the seeming idiocy of those imposing on us sickening.   As we question those in office about the decisions they are making that directly affect our lives - we are made to hush. As we stand to protect vital resources from obvious, immediate threat - we are pushed down and arrested away. As we speak and share and spread truths to those not yet informed - we are shouted down by over-funded, over-hyped, PR-manipulated BS from Marketing Agencies charged with masquerading beasts as saviours.

This can’t have just happened; must have been a system morphing over time from what is perceived as ‘democracy’ to this ugly brute of bullying hypocrisy that somehow ‘puts us in our place’ – as if such a thing existed!

I blame our parents… and theirs and theirs and theirs – couldn’t they see this coming? Didn’t they notice the ebbing away of true human rights and freedoms? Didn’t they recognize that the gifts of ‘choice’ were myths and treason?

And what are WE now? Are we them? Will our children wear their soft-coated shackles and thank us for them? If we sit back – don’t act… then we add to the barbaric attacks on our resources and most of all – our ability to affect our lives, protect ourselves, stand up for others and play any role in what new rules are enforced upon us to barricade us out of the way.

It’s been a terrific and horrific journey from Occupy, through fracking... to here

The terrific is actually more magical than that word explains – my heart is so damned, ridiculously full it could explode… expanded and nourished by the most glorious humans I have ever met. I’ve learned more than I thought could be known, have hugged with true hearts and genuine feeling more than all the rest of the years of my life and I have never felt more positive about the future – my faith is beautifully wrapped, intact and makes a map of certainty.

Yeah the awful stuff is happening, threatening, burdening us with dwelling still in the cold ugly places of faceless, soul-starved corporates… but WE are there – it isn’t just you or just me holding up a sign… we are tribe!

What now? What next? It's just this moment become 2014 and it feels like that really matters; feels like we need each and every, single other... more now than ever before.

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