Friday, 19 July 2013

I am not a label...

It is infuriating, misleading, propagandist and downright wrong that the media define those of us who are questioning the process of shale gas extraction (fracking) and other unconventional energy practices - by their own limited views.

Giving a damn about the health, safety and well-being of our communities does NOT mean we are ‘ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS UP IN ARMS’ or ‘ENVIRONMENTALISTS OBJECTING’...
...we are PEOPLE who are objecting.

People who gather into groups to share concerns and attempt to protect our communities. The large, long-established, well-known groups focus on environmental effects as part of the bigger global picture but most in the communities due to be 'fracked' - are simply everyday human beings trying to find out if the water and air we rely on for life will stay safe; whether the roads where we live will be jammed full of heavy diesel spewing vehicles carrying undiluted chemicals; whether our local farmers will still be able to produce safe food for our markets if the agricultural land is harmed; whether our current industries and jobs may be affected by this new industry; whether the industrialisation of our land is what is best for our communities.

The topic of unconventional energy and shale gas extraction (fracking) specifically is being made to move on from ‘IS IT ACTUALLY SAFE, worthwhile and beneficial for the humans (rather than the industry and those invested in it)?’ TO how much they will get in TAX BREAKS to incentivise and encourage this dirty business - as well as how much communities will be paid and who in those communities will GET THE CASH.

We (the humans who are deeply worried about our lives and those of our families and future generations) are gathering for a 'community conversation' tomorrow - if you can be here, we would warmly welcome your input x