Thursday, 25 September 2014

Reaching for the matches...

I have felt a lot like Russell Brand about voting ie: how the hell could I choose a 'best' when I despised and mistrusted the choices? BUT... I have looked at this from all sorts of angles and as far as I can see - there is little chance of changing the system of government into an honest, people-serving body (or scrapping it and starting over), without infesting it with unselfish, good-intentioned people first. Once diseased with people like us - it can be re-formed into a thing that serves our needs; in a transparent and clinical way (not darkly corrupted by self-serving, connected individuals acting for their own agendas).
So for me I am going to put some energy into our system of government - and the only party I have found to support is the Green Party. Not sure if this party changed or if it has only come seriously into view as a result of independent media/internet/social networks etc.? I was genuinely surprised when I discovered the policies of the Green Party - not only in relation to fracking but across the board I find myself in agreement: education, employment, public ownership etc. I also respect this bit: "policies that can only be changed via democratic majority voting at 6 monthly conferences". When we get a party in office based on the promises they made to win votes - they don't then involve us in the decisions they go on to make about the other stuff that happens outside of the policies they mentioned at the start. So we get 5 years of them working without our input - doesn't read like a democracy, feel like one or in any way resemble one.

We grew the anti-fracking movement over the past three years from a handful of groups to over 280 now (and still growing) - residents across the country have become ACTIVE in the defence of communities - perhaps if those active people were willing to put themselves forward for roles as Councillors or MPs (or actively support those who do)... we could overwhelm the system with our determination and begin to get ownership of our government back. I know there is a bit of 'implied inevitability' about us ending up with a blue or red party in the house... but there was a whole heap of 'implied inevitability' about fracking too and that's not proving a smooth journey for the bad guys.

Anti-frackers could apply their good intent to politics to great effect... hmmm  ‪#‎ActivePolitics‬ 

I don't know anyone who (if they are aware of the truth) wants fracking nor do I know anyone who believes war is the answer to the problems we face and yet our government is currently pursuing both with a fervor and doing so in the name of the British people.

Just thought of an analogy ... I don't want to keep fighting the fire - I want to make sure the bad guys don't control the matches.