Saturday, 9 May 2015


Just after 7am 8th May 2015 the election in Tatton was over...

It was hard to hold back when we did the speeches at the end - but the audience by this time consisted solely of exhausted 'counters' who had worked throughout the night to get the counting done. They were fuelled by Haribos & bananas and lovely humour with each other... the genuine human faces in a room where those with the Blue Rosettes, stalked like lions waiting for dinner.

The Knutsford Guardian reports it here:
[Green Party candidate Tina Louise Rothery said The Green Party was only just beginning to get its messages out, urgent messages focusing on the need to consider “the resources we all depend on to survive” and the importance of nurturing and protecting them.
She added: “No matter how good it is in Tatton I think perhaps the voters here need to be considering beyond the borders of this very privileged and lovely place – that it isn’t the same everywhere.
“For my first effort in politics it’s been a fascinating learning experience, and I go out of this perhaps a little disappointed in some of the democratic process, particularly the media treatment of the whole thing.”]