Monday, 6 July 2015

Feeling it...

Time and again throughout the fight to halt fracking, in places where the power is held and abused, I have been reminded by stern voices that this is no place for emotion; that this is about reports and research documents (usually of dubious, influenced, financed origin)... that it is about economies not humanity, about mitigating risk not nurturing anything.

In the House of Lords when we gave evidence to the committee there... a horseshoe shape of 'Lords' with grey palour, inflated importance and soul-less eyes reminded me again, that this was no place for emotion when I dared to interrupt to correct a blatant lie.

But existence is FEELING and I cannot switch off the feelings I have about the world around us... I can no more bare the thought of toxins in the water and air here in Lancashire than I can the eradication of rainforests, the framing of 'human rights' as if we are somehow to earn entitlement, the proliferation of nuclear, the increase in arms sales, the slaughter by war, the manipulation of regimes by bigger players and corporate entities, bailouts for banks and austerity for people. ALL is connected and yet...

...we are isolated in cubicles and homogenised in behaviour; encouraged to judge each other if we do not conform or fit the mould. I have discovered through this fight to save air and water that it is ONLY when we open the space between us, remove our perceptions and judgements and allow ourselves to connect emotionally at some level... that ideas, solutions, actions and insight come. 

We need each other and in order to connect... this is going to have to be an emotional thing heart emoticon