Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Update #IamTinaRothery

UPDATE (though not much really) on ‪#‎IamTinaRothery‬ 

...Just called the court again to ask where we are up to and what next as life rather on hold until I know... the staff apologised for the time it is taking and explained there is nothing that can be done to speed things along or find our any further information - my statement is with circuit judge in Preston -Judge Butler and I will receive notice once his decision is made... but NO indication of when. I asked if we are talking days, weeks, months or years and the court Officer said usually try to deal with in 5 days but with austerity, staff holidays, time demands etc... they are hoping a few weeks but can't be certain. Thanks to all for continued kindness and much appreciated concern. I will update again on here and through social media just as soon as news comes x