Friday, 17 February 2017

Day 32 in the Cuadrilla House...

Day 32 in the Cuadrilla House… and the good people had a day that started with a 6-Protector lock-on that resulted in arrests, a hospitalisation and scenes of aggression and anger, with heavy policing. Rage is vile but it exists because this site grows more ugly each day and we each find our way to deal with what this brings out of us. I was away from the roadside for most of the day so not able to properly blog this – there is a lot of coverage on other Protector feeds and livestreams that will fill in the blanks. Also today another PUP (Pop Up Protest) this time in Ellesmere thanks to Ellesmere Port Frack Free – so grateful for the solidarity <3 span="">According to those on site, 7 trucks got through today but only two were slow walked – the others delayed by the lock-on.

So in the brief time I got to the roadside today, I came away with huge sadness from the encounters I had there… many who come to Protect this place, have never experienced anything like this and never expected to. There’s fresh shock too that comes with the growing awareness that WE are all we have, to stop this clearly dangerous industry - there is no-one else to turn to but ourselves. None of the agencies are fighting for us, our Council is neutered, our government sold us and any systems of checks and balances or overriding concern for safety – are clearly a fantasy. I see in strained faces that lives are being fractured as worlds of ‘normality’ collide with these raw truths. There is no turning back either, no ‘out door’ because once you know, you can’t unknow and once you see the flaws, the whole mess starts to show itself for the shambles of a system of government that it is.

Day in, day out at the roadside, the evidence of the corrupted system is played out before our eyes. Revelations that our ‘democracy’ …isn’t democratic, fair or just and lacks the wisdom and impartiality required to keep us and our children safe. When you first come to all this realisation, it’s hard to know how to be in this new, sharp reality where what’s to be expected, isn’t anymore. Preston New Road is an all-too-real, unfamiliar landscape that throws so much new our way – every minute of each day we are at the roadside. Amidst the people broken by realisations… are others at different stages of their personal anger at this – people with shattered lives, trying to get control and make this stop.

To all who Protect, huge appreciation & respect <3 span=""> See you tomorrow? X

*Highlight of the (very brief) day: Dawn and the children clearly on overdrive as the throaty horn held tone for three drive-bys in about 10 minutes. Great pictures by the children held at the windows x

*Interesting visitor: A friendly Stirling University student studying this industry who came to ask intelligent questions at the roadside.

*No picture of today as I was mostly away but the one I've used came in as a result of the meetings and work today for 25 Feb 2017 Don’t Frack Lancs - National Rally... oooo it is looking BIG :)