Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Ways of Women...

On this International Women's Day I want to send respect, appreciation and love to all who seek to nurture a better future for our young... especially, considering all we currently face each day, to those who have just been rudely awakened to an ugliness of reality that cannot be ignored.

Nature loves balance... it's where harmony flows. The oppression and silencing of women throughout much of history has allowed the imbalance reflected in brutal systems of government that have not been tempered with what women have to bring to the discussions. Our ways and the ways of men - when considered of equal value... are what can bring, what humanity needs.

Women across the world struggle with worse daily than we can imagine and by comparison, we are 'privileged' with access to education and more rights... it is therefore I believe up to us, to make our stand as more enabled women, for those who can't.

As an activist, I am fortunate to most often be amongst incredible men and women who support each other but even in this arena, there is much to be done for harmony to be found. Activism shouldn't have to be about brutality and to change this... and the world, the ways of women need to be respected and encouraged.

Today as I stand at the roadside for Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest - I will carry in my heart, the women who can't be with us due to responsibilities, ill-health and circumstance.

Namaste <3 span="">