Monday, 10 July 2017

EVENT Wednesday 12 July 2017 #CallForCalm

Nana call out to ALL women... we need you to bring the power of our sisterhood to confront the violence being endured by the peaceful sons and daughters of other mothers... and to shame those who harm them.
WEDNESDAY 9:30am-11am at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest #CallForCalm
The violent handling of peaceful Protectors by security and police at the gates to the growing fracking site on Preston New Road in Lancashire, is increasing. From appallingly dangerous and aggressive driving by suppliers, to heavy-handed policing and untamed security guards lashing out - we have borne this without resorting to violence in return.

We call on women to come and be representative of the mothers and grandmothers of those wo are part of this violent scene - this action is to demand safety for our peaceful Protectors, for a calming of the aggression by authorities and to recognise our human rights to protest. We will stand together in a period of silent protest to be the calm we wish to see and following this, have messages from other women who are facing the same challenges across the world, in their fight to protect the children from the dangers brought by industries like fracking. The event is for just a couple of hours to enable maximum availability for those with carer responsibilities, school-runs and jobs to consider... hoping that if you join us, we can make our stand as many. We will be alerting media and releasing a statement so would like to produce good imagery to go with it - if you can WEAR WHITE, it would enhance this. Nothing more is required other than your presence... we will have yellow ribbon to bind our solidarity and spend some time in silence and the rest in speaking out if we choose. Come feel the unity and be part of this call for the humane treatment of Protectors and respect for the non-violent way that all have conducted themselves at this site since 5th January 2017. Checklist if you're coming: -Arrive by 9:30am -Finish around 11am -Wear white clothing -Bring your words & your silence -Bring a female friend EVENT PAGE here: Women's Call
***If you CAN'T make it... please take a photo of yourself in support and add it to the event page HASHTAG (to add onto your photo): #CallForCalm Hosted by Nanashire & RAFF - Residents Action on Fylde Fracking

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