Saturday, 23 June 2018

Make Time for Outrage...

We could all just stay home this week... and it would feel like nothing happened and nothing much mattered or would look any different.
We could all just turn to look at what we've got about us, what we value in our lives and for this one week, ensure all is well and safely tucked in.
We could turn off the news, IGNORE the children in cages... IGNORE the children travelling on troubled waters in desperate mothers' arms seeking a safe port away from war, famine, drought... IGNORE that extra runway at the airport that will lead to an increase in asthma in London's children and contribute to the further degradation of the quality of the environment in which we all live... IGNORE the abuses of power happening within our system of government where Ministers do 'favours' to assist polluting industries and grease the wheels so they can overrun communities, overturn democracy and overhype their lies about proclaimed benefits whilst blocking all the proven negatives...
We could ...but what will have happened outside our individual little bubbles of life? What will have occurred elsewhere that will eventually have impact on our children, our community, our lives? Even if you don't empathise with the genuine plight of so many or... are so overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of suffering in the world that you can't find the ONE THING to focus on, please try this week to do something to at least register your dismay and make time for outrage.
For those of us who are fighting the clear and present danger of fracking (extreme energy extraction) that WILL HARM OUR CHILDREN right here, (almost) right now - we'll be facing our responsibilities, not turning away and not giving up because it's all so bloody hard and saddening. We're going to gather ourselves together and stand strong because if we don't, we will fail in our obligation to every generation to come.
Protecting our young is no longer about just tucking them in safely and ensuring they are fed and warm... it is about protecting the air they breathe, the water they need, the soil they'll rely on and maybe most importantly, their ability to have a say, exercise a right to object, raise a concern and be heard and have an impact within a democracy that actually is one.
Please don't sit this one our. See you on a frontline (or online supporting one)? 

*LINK HERE and HERE to what I wish you could come to x

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Nasty Arts...

This morning I didn’t go to our place of protest on Preston New Road as I understand well that sometimes my responses are not for the best.

We'd been informed that our fence and hedge art was to be torn down because it posed a risk by distracting motorists or some such nonsense excuse... the contrast with the nurtured, encouraged and much championed view of a huge drilling rig in the eyeline of drivers and the many many risks it brings - is just too ridiculous, too ironic, too insulting-to-intelligence and just too damned ludicrous to have been a witness too in the flesh. Like a slap in the face with a wet fish by an idiot claiming wisdom whilst repeating over and over 'that's what it says here to do'.

Despair and disbelief are common emotions here where we’ve come for 531 days now, along with the most oft said preamble to each sentence of "But surely...." before trying to extract reason from unreasonable ‘authority’ in all its guises from council workers to police officers.

Discussing the risk of extreme energy extraction is discouraged, dampened down and muted whilst the risk of a messy road or messy people is broadcast loud and far to stir up anguish, distract from the actual, real and very threatening risks of the industry itself and deter others from joining us.

As each method of expression is gagged... what remains? The recent injunction prevents us applying our bodies to protest and with our creative outlet through art now taken away... we’re being silenced and buried from view because Cuadrilla have the power of influence, the Conservatives support them and Lancashire County Council is weak and poor.

Closing in around us will not make us stop... but it will indeed have an ever-growing impact that probably doesn't look like a pretty picture of the earth, women knitting peacefully or residents in prayer but I get the impression that's just what they prefer - riotous/angry and easily demonised-by-media protesters, then they'd know what to do with us; then they’d get their ‘text book’ protest rather than all this beauty, all this genuine, all this diversity, all this caring and all this protecting our young that is just so hard for them to handle.

I have some pretty yellow ribbon that Marie Taylormakes beautiful bows from… it’s how the art started, with one yellow ribbon… 

Onwards x