Saturday, 25 June 2016

Dear Justice...

This is the statement I gave yesterday at court concerning my refusal to pay for legal costs incurred by Cuadrilla over the very civil, 3-week occupation of a field earmarked for fracking (occupation in August 2014). The court officer wrote it down as I spoke it (I didn't have my glasses!).

The next stage is for the lawyers (Eversheds) to respond with how they would like to proceed - pursue me for contempt of court and these costs or accept that this is an unjust use of our legal system and clear victimisation of peaceful protest, aimed at deterring further actions by communities in defence of the health and well-being of their children against this dangerous industry.

With respect to the District Judge and the courts I have huge admiration for a system of justice that is fair but I feel in this case that our law courts are not being used to seek justice but instead being applied like a weapon and a threat against peaceful protest.
The fact that Cuadrilla has the finances, power and vindictiveness to pursue this through our courts is an abuse of one of the most valued aspects of our democracy.  

So please accept my aplogies if this seems rude but as this case has nothing to do whatsoever with justice, I will not be complying with any requests  for information or payment. 

I make this statement on behalf of myself and an entire movement who will not be bullied.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Before court...

I am NOT surprised... I already sensed the humanity at the heart of our movement. Already knew what solidarity felt like after five years being immersed in an alien place I now call home. Because it’s not about being me, it’s testament to the power of people who empower themselves – who refuse to watch continued injustice on ANY level. What’s happening to me isn’t the end of the world, isn’t a fraction as bad as what could be and what is, in so many places right now. What #IamTinaRothery did I think – was offer the chance on a very real, human level, for people to show they give a damn and not just about a planning application or ugly government ruling – but about each other. Standing up for each other, brings out the best in people; the part that won’t stand by silently when another is unjustly treated... and that means (as activists) we are always in the company of the best of people, whoever we are with. Tomorrow is, on a personal level, my little line-in-the-sand – my choice to refuse to make the next step, the one I am told to make (pay or face further courts, costs possibly a little time). I won’t walk further into the fraud, the sham, the disgrace that is our ‘justice’ system, any more than I will back down from protecting the precious things – our wellbeing, health, the future, my young. Tomorrow for our movement of campaigners, activists, sharers, concerned people... is also about more than being genuinely caring, kind and valued friends, it’s an opportunity. We come together in clusters and gatherings to share information, inspire each other, offload anguish and make plans for better and sometimes to we mass ourselves into a larger chunk that makes an impact with feet on streets at marches and rallies... but this has been another view of the shape and size and intent of us. From where I am – the most amazing perspective right now – I see words in languages I don’t understand, faces of friends, smiling strangers not yet met and humanity at its most beautiful best. I also see how in the years since social media came along and independent media emerged, how we have come to be masterful in the use of these new tools. A hashtag is more than just a file name, it’s a call to action, a chance for deeper research, of finding wise minds and other ways of thinking, a way of nudging others or as is happening now to @CuadrillaUK – overwhelming and shaming them. The press seats at many events, actually have genuine journalists that bring honour to the role - now that those driven to report truth because it really matters, have woven into our view. Independent journalists making the sharp contrast to the old-world common media that looks more and more like a rerun of itself that’s wearing out and with cracks and flaws all the more visible. Tomorrow will come and go as days do – but on a personal level, I have seen what true reality looks like and I wouldn’t have missed it – for the world <3 span="">

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Look at the state we’re in with these ‘negotiations’
Contorted distorted EU in-out connotations
Awash with a choice of no-win situations
Cause this isn’t about us and what’s good for the people
Isn’t about home, habitat or foreseeables
Isn’t about what’s right and what’s wrong
Just focused on making trade, weak or strong.
When its all about an economy
It’s not about humanity
In sharp contrast I’m soothing here...
Where the colours are rich and hope grows
Where those who act, reap what they sew
Where seeds once planted in occupied space
Grow strong through the gaps
Of democracy’s disgrace
Where you and me and them and us
Aren’t divided by manipulated mistrust
Where fact is made plain and truth is raw
And no-one is turned away from an activist’s door
I’ve witnessed more humanity, warmth and grace
More genuine faith Balcombe, Crawberry and Barton Moss Horse Hill, in village halls and Didcot
Than ever is gathered in any other place
Where kindness is written on every welcoming face
And even in mud under barrage of assault
The music plays, the voices raise and we go on
And the pain inflicted on ANY of us,
Is dispersed through the many
Till it’s virtually gone
...Absorbed by the mass-unified
Wound’s entry point faded from sight