Saturday, 29 March 2014

We swarm...

We singe each other where our edges touch
Much too much ‘us’ in one place
Disaplacing reality as we
Scorch ourselves in embrace
Tracing lines of fire at our extremes

Cause only where extremes are spent
Were we ever able
Ever meant
To be

No place in day-to-day space for us
Just existing in the ether at the  shadow lines
Spine to spine on the line of existence
That breath of space where we embrace
Our souls
Where souls embrace our whole

And we recognize our entirety by being
Seeing the join and making it fade with recognition
Knowing that only here and now
Somehow, is the real of existence
I love you
I love who we are
When we’re together
Like this
Bliss in co-joined decision
To act
As one
For all
And all
For one
We’re swarming now…
Like starlings gathering at sunset
We’ve finally met our points of union
And soon there’ll be so many more
We’ll soar…
High on truth and trust
Filled with lust
…for the honourable path


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