Wednesday, 10 August 2011

June Irene 10/12/1943 - 05/05/2011

I’ve sat alone

Without you by my side before

Shut doors behind you

My life inspired by you

Even when you couldn’t be seen

I’ve cried about you

In the past

Had angry feelings that couldn’t last

When I imagined your words

Even when they weren’t heard

But I’ve never breathed before

The air from a world

Without you in it

I miss my mum x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Intrigued about the future of QR Codes... so got one all my own :)

In a nutshell:
The info you want to share on a business card 'bar code' - no matter who has your card, where they are or how long they have had it - your details will be current if you ensure you keep your account details accurate.

Recipients of your card or even just the QR code - simply scan with their Smart phone to download your 'business card' (it is very nicely laid out too, corporate, uncomplicated and open to individualisation).

You maintain your account with the sort of details you want to share ie: Twitter/LinkedIn/FaceBook & other social media links, website & email, company name & job title, contact details, image etc. and each time your particular QR code is scanned - it will show what you have entered as it gets its info from your account.

If you're interested, you could go to or follow @QRky on Twitter to find out more.


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