Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Anders Lustgarten | Exeunt Magazine

Anders Lustgarten | Exeunt Magazine

One of the most interesting interviews I have read - he says the things I think and thankfully, has created a play. Here's a bit from the interview with Anders Lustgarten:

"What’s fascinating in doing development work is that you talk to these people who are third rate intellects, working in second rate banking institution in a first world country and they have got it into their heads that privatization creates growth and employment because they read the text book where this is repeated over and over again. 

“I go out there and I say: Listen, I’ve been to this place and what happens when you privatize the water is that people can’t afford it. So they get cut off, drink from the river and end up with cholera. Literally what you are doing is killing thousands of babies. Lots of children will die because of a third rate little piece of shit in a cheap fucking tie in an office in Luxemburg who says ‘No, no. Privatization is an accepted way to promote economic growth.

Will we thrive, die or barely survive?

The photo states a fact... plain, simple, unavoidably true. Sadly we're in a world where it's politics that dictates ...