Friday, 27 November 2015

Lancashire Day

The ugly letter that takes decisions from Lancashire and gives them to Westminster... that paves the way for some vile interpretation of creating a 'Northern Powerhouse' operated by bureaucrats on the backs of the people of the North and takes 'localism' to comedic levels!

Today is Lancashire Day and it seems our gift is time off from involvement in decision making in our county - but if this was about windfarms, that would be an entirely different and very local matter!
From Westminster TO:
Development Management Group
Lancashire County Council
PO Box 100
Evironment Directorate
County Hall
26 November 2015
Dear Development Management Group,
Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Appeals by Cuadrilla Bowland Limited, Cuadrilla Elswick Limited
Site Addresses: around Preston New Road near Little Plumpton, Preston; and around Roseacre and Wharles, Preston, Lancashire .
Although under the Town and Country Planning (Determination of Appeals by Appointed Persons)(Prescribed Classes) Regulations 1997, the appeals were to have been decided by an Inspector, the Secretary of State considers that he should determine them himself.
Accordingly, in exercise of his powers under section 79 and paragraph 3 of Schedule 6 ofthe Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the Secretary of State hereby directs that he shall determine these appeals instead of an Inspector. This means that instead of writing a decision, the Inspector will prepare a report and recommendation, which will be forwarded to the Secretary of State.
The reason for this direction is because the drilling appeals (3134385 and 3134386) involve proposals for exploring and developing shale gas which amount to proposals for development of major importance having more than local significance and proposals which raise important or novel issues of development control, and/or legal difficulties. The monitoring appeals (3130923 and 3130924) are being considered at the same time as the drilling appeals and will be most efficiently and effectively determined by the Secretary of State. These two appeals are therefore being recovered because of the particular circumstances.
This direction is being served on the Inspector, the appellant (or their representative) and the local planning authority.
The guidelines for 'recovering' appeals are to be found in House of Commons Hansard Ministerial Statement of 30 June 2008. We will send you a copy of the appropriate extracts if you ask for them or you can get them from the Planning Practice Guidance
Yours sincerely,
Mark Boulton
Authorised to sign on behalf of the Secretary of State
Where applicable, you can use the internet to submit documents, to see information and to check the progress of cases through the Planning Portal. The address of our search page is -
Linked cases: APP/Q2371/W/15/3130924, APP/Q2371/W/15/3134385, APP/Q2371/W

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sorry it didn't work out...

I am genuinely sorry that we could not succeed in stopping this man from taking his safe seat and inflicting all this damage. At no point did the voters hear any of this at the hustings or in the literature - at no point were the methods he would use made clear and now... we see the damage seeping into all parts of society, community, small businesses and families (except perhaps the 1% and those who support them).
But it's not just him is it... what is happening makes a mockery of the term 'Democracy' and is an affront to our intelligence. The words he spun during the election campaign were lies, half-truths, myths and PR BS. Voters were dragged to a world of make-believe where their comfort was indicated - they were assured they were OK and their families were OK and that all that would come, would be for the greater good of this great Britain. Lying b*stard. Through ugly cunning, masses of costly marketing and the support of the right people - George Osborne peddled his tale and conned the people.
I don't agree with all in that Will Hutton says in this article - but agree the pain he sees.
Where do we go from here? 5 years is too long to wait and between now - and then - what more harm will come?
So many 'if onlys' and one big sorry that we weren't big enough to remove him frown emoticon

Friday, 6 November 2015

Nana Bloc: 29 November 2015 London

Gathering ourselves into a mass of Nanas to accompany the many who will be in London on 29 November for:

The People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs
We propose to meet opposite the The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, London - on Hyde Park side... expect we will be very yellow! Please make, buy, borrow an apron/tabard and join us - particularly if this is your first demonstration.
We will be a bloc (a grouping) inside a lovely mass of blocs lol! As we gather, so will campaigners against fracking, campaigners for climate, for renewables, for sustainable jobs, for change. The bloc we are alongside is the Climate Revolution / Time to Act Bloc - 29th Nov 15
but with us too are the following:
March with Friends of the Earth for Climate, Justice and Jobsi
Green Bloc @ The People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs
Frack Free Bloc @ People's March for Climate, Justice & Jobs - Nov 29
Which in turn is a part of the whole event The People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs
Sign up:
■ Download your leaflets here:
■ Provisional route of London demo:
● No to dirty energy!
● Yes to renewables!
● Climate jobs now!
● Justice for people!
#ClimateJusticeJobs #PeoplesMarch
From the main march organisers:
All over the world people are already putting into practice real solutions: public renewable energy, green infrastructure, millions of new, unionised clean jobs. But it needs to happen faster, at scale and with people at its centre.
With such solutions already in flow, we can leave the age of fossil fuels behind. Some choices we can each make on our own. But some, we as a society must make together.
Hope is with people who are already way ahead of those governments who lack the political will to act, and ahead of those corporate interests who are blocking the changes we need.
Together, we are more powerful than they could possibly imagine.
Whatever happens in Paris, we can, and we will, build the future from here.
A more just, more equitable and better world for us all.
Organisations supporting the demonstration include:, 38 Degrees, Action Aid, Avaaz, Bond, Campaign Against Climate Change, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Climate Change Centre Reading, Climate Revolution, Friends of the Earth, Global Justice Now, Greenpeace, Left Unity, MADE, National Union of Students, Oil Vay, PCS, People’s Assembly Against Austerity, People and Planet, Reclaim The Power, Stop the War Coalition, Student Assembly Against Austerity, This Changes Everything, Time to Act, Trades Union Congress (TUC), UNISON, UK Youth Climate Coalition, UK Nanas
Please remember to join the event page itself.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Who's the Nana?

Nana Update after much interest in becoming 'Nanas' from all over:
UK Nanas have been journeying around the country, supporting local anti-fracking/unconventional energy groups... and at many of the venues, we have been meeting more and more 'Nanas'. Men and women who have decided that this is a way of campaigning/activism that works for them. We have been delighted to find that each is - by sheer nature of the name and outfit - very Nana-like and purposeful...

Initially, some of us fretted a little over how to sort the surge of interest in becoming Nanas; was there a need for a behaviour checklist or rules? Constitutions were mentioned, concerns over how it could all go wrong etc. Reality is, we cannot control something as lovely as people choosing to make or enrich their involvement in campaigning/activism - by being part of a 'Nana' thing. Those of us who were inspired to get involved first... were simply the start of something that is anybody's - and not our place to say who can or can't do anything.

...if anyone would like to be a NANA.. be it :)
Simply purchase or make a tabard/apron (many use YELLOW with BLACK to represent anti-fracking - but choice is yours) and act accordingly - with others in pairs, in groups or by starting a local group.

The word NANA makes it clear that the purpose is "care for our young and generations to come..." and that the rules are simply, what a perceived NANA would have ie:
-protect without violence, use every legal tool FIRST
-set an example
-consider what is self-defence and what is lawful - and choose using good conscience and a 'Nana ethic'

We describe ourselves as Nanas with the following text that is useful as an overview - please feel free to use this description if it works for your group:

Our 'Nana' status is not so much biological... more about a state of mind. We have young male and female Nanas who don't have children and all sorts. We wanted to protect our communities from the harmful effects that industries like fracking and other unconventional techniques would bring
...and we needed the media to stop categorising and labelling us as being: 'eco activists' or 'climate campaigners' etc. We are caring human beings first and foremost - we are informed and we do this because we are OBLIGED to future generations; to ensure they can rely on fresh air and clean water.

We ARE unstoppable, not because we're tough or riotous or expert - but because we are not CHOOSING activism, we are obligated to do this. How can any of us say it's ok to let dangerous industries go ahead - that the risks don't count anymore - that generations to come don't matter enough? That would be negligent and impossible.
For us... every exit door has an image of the struggles we will leave for the next generations on it and we can't get out, till we fulfill our obligation to the children to come.

The Nanashire​ PAGE is for Nanas and their supporters anywhere to keep up with what UK Nanas are up to... and Nanashire the Group​ is for those who identify as Nanas, to join and share.

We look forward to a wave of  tabards/aprons and Nana spirit across our green and pleasant lands <3 p="">


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