Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Reclaim Blackpool...

One day - all this could be ours...

WE have the benefit of foreknowledge - we know that all these people can't be lying, we know that once the companies start drilling operations - we will have the same impossible legal fight on our hands when things go wrong, when regulators fail, when accidents happen, when profits win out over safety considerations, when workers are paid too little and worked too long, when all the extra traffic means all those extra road accidents... the risks outweigh any other consideration because those risks are to the ESSENTIALS of life... water and air.

Today we got news that here in Lancashire on 14th August 2014, a camp will be set up in the Blackpool area in order for those objecting to fracking, to come together and make it clear that we do not want this industry here (or anywhere).


To No Dash for Gas thank you for deciding to have the Reclaim the Power - anti-fracking action camp 2014  - here in Blackpool: where it all started in the UK, where 2 earthquakes resulted from the ONLY high volume hydraulic fracking operation to happen in the UK, where 4 wells drilled, saw 2 damaged... where 2 million gallons of radioactive, toxic waste that resulted from the fracking, was inadequately treated and sent to be dumped in the Manchester Ship Canal and where if we don't stop Caudrilla this time - councils all across the country can say "well Lancashire County Council" approved it so we can follow their guidelines.

This matters because our story doesn't have to end this way... WE can make the better ending