Monday, 21 July 2014

Once upon a time at #BartonMoss...

Each of those police faces is etched in my mind... I took the time to know each face in succession and there was certainly the time to do it for the length of the Footpath at Barton Moss - an iGas drill sites near Salford (using the Cuadrilla rig).

Supported by Protectors (we aren't protesting - we're protecting our communities, families, future generations) either side - I prefer to walk backwards so I can see what's coming and witness the acts. Just after the day captured in this image, I bought mirrored sunglasses so the humans inside the police shells could see themselves as they pushed, shoved, bullied and harassed us. 

On some faces where shades of shame, on others there was confusion, for some it was fear ...and terrifyingly - there was aggressive pleasure in the few with neck veins pulsing, teeth gritted, words spitted... out in front leading a charge against innocents and grandmas.

The women officers on the line rarely allowed eye contact and stared mostly down, whilst being propelled, pushed and pulled along in the throng.

WE though, the Protectors ...wore faces of pure determination, pure intent, pure purpose and acceptance that we CANNOT walk away, we CANNOT call it a day and forget we know the consequences of failure... we simply can't, not do - what we will do and keep doing, until it's done.