Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Court Details for 9 Dec 2016

I have some actual details now of what will happen on the day of court (9 Dec 2016)... although we are gathering together from 10:30 at the The Flag Market in Preston, Lancashire to walk the few minutes to court around 11ish... I actually go inside for the first of two parts of this procedure at 12noon - 90 minutes have been allocated in total to actions concerning my case on the day:
First part:
I go in with just one other person (called a 'McKenzie friend' - just a friend or someone I want with me) to be asked if I will sort finances to arrange payment of the £55,000 legal costs of an eviction that didn't happen (we'd left the day before & no costs other than lawyer fees are involved)... or declare bankruptcy. I have no possessions of value or cash so there is no way I can pay this BUT more to the point, there is no way I would. I will then be 'in Contempt of Court' by my refusal - I see this as refusing to be part of an abuse of our justice system - where those with power and money can bully activists and try to deter potential others from standing up to big industry threats. IF I was to co-operate it would legitimise this, make it seem I agree there was some harm done - our action in taking and holding a field for a set 3-week period in August 2014, was a community service to alert elderly neighbours of close proximity of proposed fracking site. We did no damage, took the field as a civil-action utilising a 'Section 6' etc that meant we aimed to cause a land-use dispute... and we did.
Second part:
The court papers say that if I do not co-operate, I am sentenced to 14 days in HM Prison Styal - so as I am not co-operating with the first part... I go through to a second area for the Judge to decide if he will impose this sentence. I am allowed to be accompanied by 10 people at this stage. IF the judge decides to impose the sentence, I will be taken straight to prison where I'll be till 23 December. I don't know the odds on talking him round but I'll give it my best shot and regardless, will be acting from the part of myself that will not be harrassed for doing what I know to be essential.

Huge thanks go to Silver Fox for doing an amazing job of pulling together an event <3 span=""> and equally huge thanks to so many others who like Mel Anie are doing all they can to get the legal details and ensure this abuse of justice and intimidation of an activist, is shared and brought to light. Because of the beautiful support of too many to name... I do not feel the pressure I otherwise might and am able to just get on with this. Thank you xxx

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

United Against Fracking Song

So we thought we'd try to start a 'thing' lol... people videoing themselves practicing the song for 12th November's United Against Fracking National Rally - go on... you will defo be an improvement on us lot! The karaoke-practice-version with Morgan's moving violining ( he will be on stage at the rally), is here for you to play along whilst recording:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=javI3hy_vu0 ...can you do a video of your lot (Group, family, friends or even just yourself), singing this and upload it for sharing? Please add the hashtag #CanYouHearUs#WeSaidNo and share it on the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/333971743630619/ <3
Here's the one we just made at my sister Julie's house with Niece Becky. great nieces Paige & (sleeping throughout!) Francesca plus great nephews Caleb & Josh. We set the bar low out of kindness lol :)


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