Thursday, 18 December 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Green candidate to contest Tatton

The Green Party will put forward its first-ever parliamentary candidate for Tatton in 2015, challenging sitting Conservative Chancellor George Osborne.

The ‘Green Surge’ has seen a 100% rise in Green Party membership in England and Wales since the start of the year and the party is putting forward more candidates than ever before.

Tina-Louise Rothery - a prominent campaigner in the North West anti-fracking movement - joined the Green Party two years ago.

She says: “The problems with our current situation appear less to do with the economy and far more to do with the way that economy is managed and whom it does - and doesn’t - benefit.

“Corporate interests have an unhealthy influence on decisions made in Westminster.  Look at the planned spending on huge projects like HS2 (due to end Wilmslow’s direct London service) instead of improvements to existing rail - including the Mid-Cheshire line - that would bring greater benefit to the local population; or the way they insist on pursuing short-term, risky energy solutions that will bring no benefits on prices or security for UK residents.

“Time and again the UK electorate watches the predictable cycle of political activity in the run up to an election; promises being made that we know will be broken. Each election leaves us disappointed and for too long, the choice on the ballot paper has been limited to a very similar line-up.

“The priorities, concerns and challenges in our everyday lives are not reflected in the policies of the current government and haven’t been for as long as I can remember. Looking at the grey suits and behaviour in the House of Commons is like looking back in time to a fossilised place that just isn’t part of the ‘real world’ anymore.”

Tina-Louise Rothery joined the Green Party “because unlike other parties, it is not funded by big business and is not influenced, swayed, encouraged or bullied by corporate interests and because we are focused on the issues that matter; the preservation of our NHS, the integrity of our education, clean affordable energy, getting the railways back into public ownership, fair taxation, action to tackle air pollution and refusing the advance of dangerous industries.”

“Unlike the vast majority of those in politics who claim to represent the residents of the UK, I do not come from a background that has groomed me for the government we know today – and I believe this to be a distinct advantage.”

Tina-Louise on TV:
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