Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sorry it didn't work out...

I am genuinely sorry that we could not succeed in stopping this man from taking his safe seat and inflicting all this damage. At no point did the voters hear any of this at the hustings or in the literature - at no point were the methods he would use made clear and now... we see the damage seeping into all parts of society, community, small businesses and families (except perhaps the 1% and those who support them).
But it's not just him is it... what is happening makes a mockery of the term 'Democracy' and is an affront to our intelligence. The words he spun during the election campaign were lies, half-truths, myths and PR BS. Voters were dragged to a world of make-believe where their comfort was indicated - they were assured they were OK and their families were OK and that all that would come, would be for the greater good of this great Britain. Lying b*stard. Through ugly cunning, masses of costly marketing and the support of the right people - George Osborne peddled his tale and conned the people.
I don't agree with all in that Will Hutton says in this article - but agree the pain he sees.
Where do we go from here? 5 years is too long to wait and between now - and then - what more harm will come?
So many 'if onlys' and one big sorry that we weren't big enough to remove him frown emoticon