Thursday, 5 February 2009

Childish politics

Just reading about Nick Clegg asking Gordon Brown to close the loopholes that allow the wealthiest to avoid taxes...

Brown's answer included putting the ball in some other country's court whilst waiting for international law to come into play (does he have to wait for everyone else in the world? Can't we ever act AS a country FOR our country?) - plus the fun last-line-dig (like children do) saying that a past donor to the LibDems was a tax evader and he never paid up.

I could weep at the pettiness and small mindedness of those that we let run our way of life - how can this last foolish comment have ANY bearing on the loopholes that he is well aware of, that allow ridiculous amounts (estimated £14 billion in corporation tax alone) to go unclaimed and make a mockery of any idea of fair play?.

A good line from the LibDems though "Instead of going on about British jobs for British workers, is it not time that he went on about British taxes for British companies?"

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  1. I agree I do not like pettiness or small minded outlook from leaders of a country.

    I think that is why I like obama in that he talks to inspire people and looks to change things on a bigger scale. Hopefully he carries through with big ideas even if some do not work then at least it gets away from pettiness and short term sound bites in response to what the media is reporting that week.


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