Thursday, 22 May 2014

Extreme Voting


Our political system is corrupted and does not serve us. Nearly all of our voting choices look about as different from each other as Teletubbies and the way our votes in UK *elections 'count' is a farce...
(*EU elections like today though use a more sensible system so that EACH individual vote actually DOES make a difference)...

BUT the problem is that voting, puts people in office and gives them powers that affect ALL our lives. Sadly, those that DO vote, are not representative of the very many of us that don't want to even engage with a system as clearly wrong as this. So TODAY please, just give it a go and see what effect WE might have - nip down to your local Polling Station and choose candidates from a party without a history of harm or list of policies encouraging us to hate our fellow humans.

The system has to be re-ordered and it seems we need as many good people on the inside of it as possible - to help make that change happen from both withIN and without. I have read the policies of the Green Party of England and Wales and talked at length with Natalie Bennett - Green Party Leader and I am certain that this is not only the best choice - but the ONLY choice for me if I want to ensure fracking is opposed and economic and social justice pursued x

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