Tuesday, 10 March 2015


What a week of contrasts and high points (not a low one anywhere thanks to being surrounded on each day by inspirational, resolute others).

Went to Green Party of England and Wales​ Conference in Liverpool from Friday to yesterday ... with a perfectly timed break from the newness of this 'political' - back to the uplifting warmth, solidarity and recognisability of activism on Saturday in London for #TimetoAct2015.

I say 'contrasts' but actually - there were many threads of sameness that ran through it all too...

 ..from the incredible way this political party does policy making (I likened it to a calmer version of an Occupy London​ General Assembly). EVERY one had a say if they chose to have it. NO policy was dictated by any central body - but had been raised from initial idea stage by an individual, nurtured by a working-group that formed around it, put to an online forum for refining and eventually... if it got through the sometimes frustrating but exacting and necessary human-filter - made it to the floor of the conference for a vote. I was in total agreement with some that came to the vote - and not at all sure about one or two others. BUT I trust the process, I trust the ethic at the heart of this party and I know, I may not always be right (ouch lol!!).

...to the fascinating way I have seen the activism and movements I am honoured to be involved with - grow to encompass swathes of people from 'everyday life'. This growth is more significant by its 'types' than its hard-to-measure numbers; the 20,000+ #TimeToAct Climate March on Saturday was dusted with the most beautiful familiar faces from the anti-fracking movement, Occupy, Green Party, Friends of the Earth, Black Bloc​ and social justice movements BUT it was mostly, more vastly made up of 'everyday people' breaking from 'everyday lives' because everyday life - is no longer tolerable. Each who came had clearly seen injustice and was moved to make a stand, step into an unknown and insist on being part of the solution.

...and then, it was my birthday yesterday and I came home to the gift of warm bed, sanctuary, family and a much desired day in. Along with the best Facebook wall I could hope for - it was messages of happy birthday and above all support and encouragement of friends from the many parts of my life that seem to be finding a distinct harmony.

My birthday wish has been granted too many times to dare wish for more... much love. Namaste Tina xxx

*Some favourite speakers at #TimeToAct were the powerful Francesca Martinez​ (will find a link to speakers I hope to share shortly), the straight talking, human-before-politician that is Caroline Lucas and Laurel - this one though will take your breath away with the beauty of honesty and freshness of delivery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3zR0SHvZFo