Saturday, 9 May 2015

There's no Time...

There is too little time - we cannot wait 5 years. David Cameron formed the government the day of the the election results (despite it being VE Day & the Queen having a bit on)... already he is instigating cuts to welfare and looking to reinstate fox hunting and the clashes today with police in London, were met with a level or ready-brutality and intolerance. As planning for frack sites across the country come to councils now, they will be helped-along their way with Conservative zeal.

We know that this is bad - I had hoped though that there might be a moment to pause, to catch our breath and to find some way of uniting our fractured pieces - torn apart and scattered after politics caused rifts and divisions amongst people who were each simply aiming for better in their own way,
The wrongs and rights we see are not the same but everyone I know who is standing against fracking, standing against harsh austerity or looking to find a better system whilst trying to break down the old... is doing so because sitting on the sofa and swallowing the lies and myths and spin just wasn't tolerable anymore. No-one is acting in self-interest or with ill-intent - I may not agree the methods, reasoning or approach of all but I hugely respect any that got up to act.
I hope we find our MASS of 'we the people' - because this is not the time to go it alone, not the time to argue over anything that compared to where we stand now - cannot matter as much.
Where now, how now? No idea but I do know that we need each other more than ever.

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