Thursday, 25 February 2016

Whispers Roar

 Time and again we revisit the PRO-fracking 'argument' and in nearly 5 years, it has not improved, learnt, grown or changed. Like all marketing campaigns, they will have thrown their best at this from the start and I think... they're all out of everything and running on empty -which helps 
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Whereas WE ...the anti-fracking movement have grown, learnt, studied, shared, built trust, found new ways to be seen and heard and are evolving to be damned fine at this... especially when you consider there was never a job description or a road map!
I wrote this to 'them':
Whispers Roar
You'll be stopped
dropped fast from agendas
as you scramble to un-write your news feeds
deeds that need to be undone
myths to be un-spun.
You've reached the end
of a finite marketing message
been on re-play loop too long
like an overplayed top 20 song
with nowhere else to go
but down and out.
So we'll win, we'll succeed
we'll be...
because you do marketing like a drunkard.
Drooling inconvenient truths
seeping through
the spooling haze of you.
Little Wizard behind a curtain
...gone sheer
mere tiny impotent mortal
no corporate giant at all
no balls
...left to play
time to
go away.
We're picking at your seams
ripping apart your schemes
of domination
ever-growing opposition amassing
harassing at your doors
The whisper
“No more...”
to a ROAR

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