Saturday, 13 February 2016

Who is Responsible?

How it plays out when you have to go to court with the energy companies after they hurt you and your community - the video at the end of this blog is about the Porter Ranch methane leak (methane mixed with warm California sunshine is turning to formaldehyde now and the health consequences will be devastating) but could easily be any other corporate disaster endured by a communities and individuals.

Here we hear of the tricks, the behind-the-scenes deals and the huge difficulty facing anyone who takes them on - they will always have the best-paid lawyers, powerful connections and vast amounts of money to throw in our path (we the people have only our bodies to throw in their way).

Here in the UK, we are gradually facing the reality before us - not just with plans for unconventional energy like fracking but for all the harms that have already been and continue to be done by these companies. There's an ever-clearer realisation of the tight, almost seamless join between government and corporations... hand-in-hand to the exclusion of us.

I went to the moving and tragic memorial for 7 year old Zane who died 2 years ago as a result of the floods that mixed with the landfill that created the air he then breathed as he slept. His father is in a wheelchair and his mother, although physically healing clearly impacted beyond imagining. They are fighting for the Truth About Zane​ and even the regulatory agencies (same ones we'd get for fracking) are not forthcoming with facts, are clearly not up to the task they are given and appear to be withholding vital information that Zane's family need... and we all need in order to prevent further loss of life.

It is with heavy sadness that we must go on fighting the clearly deranged plans and actions of our own government... why is it this way? Why are WE the regulators, investigators, researchers, protectors, alerts - when our taxes pay whole departments to be? What the hell is this farce of a democracy really, at its core? How do we extract truth from all the powerful, overwhelming blocks to it put there by the very structure of our system of government?

I have no answers but I don't suppose that can matter... in the end it is one foot in front of the other, one document more to digest, one person more to connect with and one more lovely community after another to stand with, until we're done.

What option is there? We are unstoppable because we have no other option.