Thursday, 7 December 2017

Stubbornly Busy Times...

Coming up at Preston New Road Rolling Roadside Protest (unless stated otherwise, most of these events will start at Maple Farm community hub but can be joined at the fracking site entrance (just 10 minutes up the road arounf PR4 3PE) :

FRIDAY 8 December - Dalai Lama's Gyuto Monks at Preston New Rd Fracking site
…amazing gift of a blessing for earth and water Protectors, all are welcome.

SATURDAY 9 December –Solidarity Saturday at Maple Farm community hub
…every Saturday and open invitation to anyone who’d like to find out more, pop in for a cuppa and a chat, pick up information or just to lend support.

MONDAY 11 December - Green Mondays at Preston New Road anti-fracking site with guests Si├ón Berry & Jamie Peters
…an open invitation every Monday for those looking to greener futures through activism, energy, politics, divestment etc.

WEDNESDAY 13 December - Women's Call 21 (with a xmas twist) last one of 2017 although the following week is a ‘Christmas Special’
…an open invitation to all to join this unique event each Wednesday when the Women Call for Calm in this place of hostility. We wear white and hold a silent vigil around 11am at the site entrance. The fabulous Eve Nortley and her guitar buddy, will be performing some festive songs too.

PLUS the notorious - PNR Car Honking Protest Convoy  will be joining us (you can join them too in your vehicle - check event link for details)

THURSDAY 14 December – Pop Up Protest Prestonat Lancashire County Council during FULL Council meeting
…asking for as many as possible to come to Lancs Council (across the road from the train station) to ensure they are clear that when it comes to fracking, WE SAID NO! and are not stopping our actions, till the frackers are gone.

MONDAY 18 December – Green Monday (with a xmas twist) last one of 2017
…bring your Green tinsel, re-written carols and passion.

WEDNESDAY 20 December - Women's Call 'Christmas Special
…an all-singing, all lovely, all calm and bright get together for the Women in White and friends. Bringing carols, food and joy.

FRIDAY 22 December – Candlelit Vigil & Carols at the site
…one of the last set events of the year to bring together residents, Protectors, groups, camps, pets, families and supporters in a gathering at the gates. Encouraging those who can adapt carols to do so and print words etc. Nanas offering a warm welcome at Maple Hub afterwards to those who want to stay and socialise

Looking ahead to 2018 (so bloody wish we didn’t have to):

FRIDAY 5 January - Black Friday (One Year at PNR)
SATURDAY 6 January - Anniversary Day of Offerings

Please be aware that this list is only the events I am aware of and that others may well be happening... also really important, there are Protectors at Camps and the Gates 24 hours of every day who could do with your warm company and support whenever possible 

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