Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Of Facebook & peace...

Today on the net:

I was getting involved in forwarding videos about peace and was asked to join a group seeking justice for Palestine - I didn't join but felt I should explain why...

Thanks so much for including me in your wonderful postings x

I feel I should explain why I rarely join groups that are one 'side' or another... I refuse to accept that human beings have 'sides' - we are all one thing. The children of Gaza, the children of Iraq, the children of Israel, the children of Africa - have my dedication to ending the wars that take or ruin their lives.

Only politicians/governments place dividing lines between us and make us choose - I don't.

I see countries at war but am acutely aware that I am mis-informed by media and mis-informed by government - so I cannot KNOW who to support and so choose only to support life... and a better way of living it.

I run 'Arms Against War' which seeks specifically an end to the war in Iraq - I choose to defend this particular issue (more actively) because I KNOW the facts of this - I KNOW my tax buys bullets and pays for young Iraqi and coalition soldiers to risk their lives and sanity - I KNOW the facts of this because I watched it erupt – it happened in my time.

Israel/Palestine is an ages old conflict that has wrong and right at differing stages in history - I don't understand the history of it and I don't KNOW any truths - I just KNOW that children should not be dying for an adult argument. Proportionately Gaza has suffered so much more loss so proportionately my efforts are theirs - but I would feel the same pain for an Israeli child... or any other.

...sorry I rambled on a bit there, I think I was sorting my thoughts with this and used you as my 'muse' - thank you again x

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