Wednesday, 28 January 2009

This 'Blogging' thing...

Having got so curious I simply had to investigate 'Twitter' ,,,and then ended up with a Blog as well. No idea why Ikept following the little links, but I did and I'm here in Blogland, lost yet unwilling to admit defeat.

Not that I have time for this. With Facebook, two websites, a literary site. political sites, activists sites and all sorts of other online/community activities - my fingers are in a permanent, never-ending marathon.

However... I have a plan! I interact online and those interactions are in the form of comments and responses - so I will some how mush these elements together in order to make some-sort of Blog out of it. It will save my fingers from exhaustion and the need to be wrapped in little tinfoil blankets.

I have one from this evening's Facebook activity so will post it next and see how it goes.