Wednesday, 28 January 2009

This 'Blogging' thing...

Having got so curious I simply had to investigate 'Twitter' ,,,and then ended up with a Blog as well. No idea why Ikept following the little links, but I did and I'm here in Blogland, lost yet unwilling to admit defeat.

Not that I have time for this. With Facebook, two websites, a literary site. political sites, activists sites and all sorts of other online/community activities - my fingers are in a permanent, never-ending marathon.

However... I have a plan! I interact online and those interactions are in the form of comments and responses - so I will some how mush these elements together in order to make some-sort of Blog out of it. It will save my fingers from exhaustion and the need to be wrapped in little tinfoil blankets.

I have one from this evening's Facebook activity so will post it next and see how it goes.

1 comment:

  1. My bad if you already know this :) but there is an application on facebook that allows you to add twitter to your facebook.

    Means that when you update your twitter status it automatically updates your status on facebook. I think it does it vice verse if you update facebook status it updates twitter. But unsure of that one as I do not have facebook.

    Might help reduce little tin foil blankets!


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