Monday, 17 October 2011

Once I’d touched you, I couldn’t let you go…

I was there outside of the London Stock Exchange on Saturday 15th October 2011 at noon. I was amidst around 3,000 others as part of the ‘Occupy London Stock Exchange’ movement that was in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and so many other Occupy actions across the world on that day.

Encountering others with shared views, is like balm for all the times you have had to fight to be heard, believed or understood. It is also impossible to have been there and then walk away untouched by the dedication, determination and sheer hardiness of those that brought tents and were settling down to a very cold, uncomfortable night’s sleep on the hard, stone, consecrated grounds of St. Paul’s (stunningly beautiful) Cathedral. I will join them in a tent on Wednesday and am not hardy. (UPDATE: here now!!)

I don’t want to.

But since coming back to get my things for a longer stay with Occupy in London, I have felt wrong getting into a soft, snuggly bed – knowing that those who remained weren’t and nor were all the others standing for what I believed in across the world.

What I believe in.

That is the continuous question asked of those who Occupy; wherever they do it, as well as online of those who support the action. Such a disparate swathe of humanity is contained in this 'Occupy' that the unity is a miracle. But it’s there – a singular strong sense at the core of this – brighter and stronger than all the other stuff to be mad about around it. This is from some fine Professors who are supporting the Occupy movement and it expresses the feeling very well:

“…the dramatic increases in poverty, joblessness and economic insecurity in our society are directly related to the extraordinary rise in inequality, particularly the wealth captured by the 1% of our population, which has deeply corrupted our political system. We stand united with the 99% to take back our economy and government from the 1%.” (

I hope the weight of the determination of those who Occupy, is felt; sleeping outside in uncomfortable conditions really isn’t a lifestyle choice. I can only begin to imagine how much responsibility those at Occupy Wall Street must feel – so many across the world looking to them for example, for clarity, for purpose and for hope that this at last, might be something that works.

A lot needs to change in the world but there’s only 1% stopping that change.

The effect of removing our power and wealth from just 1% of the population should not result in a suddenly unrecognisable, unworkable world and does not need to lead to violence.

You only have to watch a Ted Talk ( to be in awe of the wisdom of humanity and know that the answers are in here, somewhere

…or gaze at the universe with Professor Brian Cox ( to know we are missing out on being amazing delights of creation; started, somewhere out there.

One life each.

I will not spend it paying for the 1% to relish theirs whilst I scrape by, worry, wonder and wish at what could be so much better for all around me.

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