Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Where has the time gone?

Wow... it has been 30 days since we started our OccupyLSX action and I haven't even thought about putting something on my blog. I guess that's because my time is so stretched as I camp for 4-5 days then come home for 2-3 days (to cram work and family love). My income is down to a fifth of its original size once you factor insane £74 train fares, life is looking just a tad wobbly at the moment!

So why? Why on earth am I doing this; every time I give up my warm bed and comfort of indoor plumbing I wonder. As I arrive at St Paul's (looks as much like home as home these days... maybe strangely moreso?) I am genuinely scared and then I leap anyway and freefall into a different world.

In this world every conversation counts; most are warm, enlightening and wise and the few that aren't are at least challenging or lesson learning as enforced patience-practice. No one is trivial.

In this world I have no idea whether my fellow campers are married, employed, wealthy or poor... I don't generally know their religions (except for Sister Ruth - but that is a whole other blog post that I just wouldn't know how to start!!) and I don't know where they came from and I don't care because I already 'know' them. I know they are willing to endure cold, hard-ground conditions because they share my determination to ask questions of the 1% and those who work for them.

Each of us knows when we look at each other - even in challenging situations - that we share an experience and strength of commitment. We can spend up to 6 hours making simple decisions at our General Assemblies (1pm & 7pm where decions are made... eventually) but it is the act of getting all sides heard and ensuring even one objection means a decision doesn't pass. We are so damned democratic I could kick us lol! But hey, it works and not only that... it is quite beautiful.

I am too tired and eager for the softness of my marshmallow bed to go on but I will top this blog up with Occupy tales when I can because I should; this feels like something special.

In the meantime, I have been in a few videos so will post them next to ensure all is in one place.





  1. Hi Tina, that is so eloquent and you could be talking for me. I too do not find sleeping in a tent on stone slabs the most comfortable thing in the world, especially as it is now getting colder, but I feel I have no choice. To stay at home and do nothing, would be to accept that bullshit is ok. It is not.

    That is why this grandfather will continue to occupy with you every moment I can, between earning a living. x

    1. Hi Ben - taken a while to get back to you lol! Hope your year has passed well x


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