Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pavements vs. protest

For those that wished for easier passage along a road between St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Stock Exchange:

The legal system is in agreement and we ( Occupy the London Stock Exchange ) will soon be out of sight. You can then carry on your journey without the (ever so slight) inconvenience of us; looking a little cold and dishevelled with our hopes for social justice neatly cleared.

A cleaning crew will come from the City of London to tidy away the mess of our humanity to leave you with hygienic pavements devoid of protest; there will be a hush where our Tent City University ( Tent City University at OccupyLSX ) stood and the free education will cease.

Our exploration of the harms caused by the system of government that is so heavily influenced by the financial sector (City of London et al) will cease to be shared from this place and our wonderful newspaper ( The Occupied Times of London ) will have to find other corners on which to offer its outstanding work of exposing truths with honest journalism.

We the Occupiers of London will no longer hinder your journey… but we will continue ours.

Expect us ;)

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