Friday, 20 July 2012

Sorry: watching the news...

Watching the news and realised it is a series of apologies all in a row:

 -Banks are sorry and promise not to let it be seen that thay do bad things again.
 -G4S is sorry they didn't do their job - or anything resembling it.
 -Simon Harwood is sorry that Ian Tomlinson (an innocent bystander) died as a result of his behaviour.
 -Ian Tomlinson's step-son was sorry too; he's sorry that it hurts and that he isn't being clear to the news crew because he is so obviously, so deeply upset.
-The police are sorry that they accidently hired PC Harwood after not getting his background checked or knowing his history of violent, aggressive behaviour - they admit 'we got that wrong'...
...I expect Ian tomlinson's family are really relieved to hear that.

Somewhere in the world, a big energy company is sorry they spilled some more oil, another banker is really sorry he needs to cause more austerity and another politician is wondering what 'sorry' means... whilst Cameron & Boris tell us it's ok cause we ARE all enjoying the joy, the colour, the wonder of the very fabulous London Olympics 2012

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