Monday, 1 October 2012

#globalNOISE #13O

October 13th 2012 Occupy London will be throwing a street party to mark our one year anniversary. Come outside the London Stock Exchange from 2pm to 5pm and bring music, food, games, colourful banners….PLUS: pots and pans!

We will be joining people all over the world in a #GlobalNoise, a global day of protest to mark that we are still here, one year on, united and more determined then ever. There will be workshops, talks and a chance to meet activists from around the world and hear stories from citizens defending our local communities.

We will then move to a secret location for a two day occupation

The 13th will mark the start of a global week of protest that will lead up to the march on the 20th of October. Follow us as we plan a series of actions to highlight how the 1% are destroying the welfare state, schools and universities, public space and the NHS.

Let’s join Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy in saying:

This is not our crisis - we will not pay

Help us make sure that on October 13th, in every street, in every city and in every country, the world will hear the sound of change.

Let’s make a GlobalNOISE!

#globalNOISE #13O

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