Wednesday, 5 December 2012

PRESS RELEASE - Shale Gas & Osborne's Autumn Statement

RAFF's (Residents Action on Fylde Fracking) response to Osborne's statement on shale gas

RAFF to initiate legal action and tactics to prevent shale gas industry threat to Fylde

5 December 2012    George Osborne's Autumn Statement concerning shale gas said very few words but spoke of tax relief for the industry; indicating a green light to this controversial practice. The statement held no surprises. This government has continually turned its back on green energy, trumpeted 'a 'dash for gas' policy and surrounded itself with ministers and advisors who have more than a little vested personal interest in shale gas.

Osborne has repeatedly refused to listen to industry leaders who are demanding the Government commit to a cut in carbon emissions by 2030. Failure to do so will, they say, harm the economy and cause them to miss out on the commercial opportunities and benefits associated with a shift to a low carbon economy.

The government is taking advantage of the ignorance of the population as a whole. A recently commissioned survey, conducted by BritainThinks, on behalf of gas drilling company Cuadrilla, revealed that only 15% of respondents claim to know very much about shale gas extraction, and this is from a sample of the population where fracking is about to re-start and who have been offered plenty of opportunities to discover more on the subject.

There's little doubt that fracking will resume in Lancashire very soon. RAFF's requests for both health and environmental impact assessment reports have been ignored. Residents will be exposed to methane emissions, toxic chemicals, radioactive waste and much more.  They will be completely unprotected.

RAFF will now take legal action and have initiated discussion with David Wolfe QC. Together with the increasing number of anti-fracking groups springing up throughout the UK, we will be employing delaying tactics, which will add to the already damaged confidence of investors in shale gas companies.

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