Sunday, 28 July 2013

We, the activists

Public opinion silenced
by over-enforcement of laws
...twisted to meet corporate greed’s needs

(This week in Balcombe at the Great Gas Gala against fracking for shale gas)

WE the people of this country, of these counties at risk; WE the people who depend now and always will (as will our children and theirs) on safe water and air... have said NO to shale gas extraction (fracking) on countless petitions, to numerous officials, time after time and WE have acted lawfully to be heard.

WE though are here in the fields trying to protect ourselves from an horrendous risk to our health and safety. WE are being deliberately intimidated by ‘law-enforcement’ and yet, it is WE who are arrested!

WE who are bullied by abused laws that wrap OUR law-enforcers around corporate trucks delivering drilling bits and other dangerous sh*t to our precious places of residence and dependence.

Again it is WE who are forced to do this public protest, act of self-defence – because it is OUR OWN government that is pushing this dangerous business into our communities and inflicting it on our lives.

HOW the hell do we stop this?

We gather, we share truths and research papers, we apply legal means, we print, we protest and we do all we can. Many speak out, others knit, multitudes march, a precious few research and delve deep into misleading Public Relations spin and some engage in freedom-limiting ‘Direct Actions’. The variety of acts-of-protest is both inspiring and effective; it brings this important matter to the attention of the very different types of people that WE are; in our many walks of life.

Tonight Bianca Jagger tweeted she would go to stand in support with Balcombe; after reading a tweet from Ray Beckerman  that lead to an excellent article in CommonDreams about the Great Gas Gala. She turned up and warmly shared the welcome and commitment - then shared the images and news to those who follow her. Ian R Crane too was on site and filming for those who follow him... as were the wonderful individuals who contribute to the Occupy News Network  and Reel News - each has a role and each is a conduit for the information network that is vital to ensuring an informed public.

WE cannot depend on honesty from an industry that will profit from the dangerous methods of extreme (unconventional) energy extraction because they depend on it; WE cannot trust our local officials to take the time to even understand this process. I discovered this for myself on BBC Radio 5 Live on Friday night when Morecambe MP David Morris made his ignorance clear by not knowing that more than half of the chemical laced water that enters a shale gas well - does not come back during the operation; WE cannot rely on the media to accurately report the truth even of who WE are, as we have discovered in articles that demean, mock and attack those who are *activists (*activist is simply a description of a person who having seen a wrong - is acting to resolve it).

The intention of the energy companies for our country is a hugely important matter that leads to the heart of most other hugely important matters – the impact and control of lobbyists over our ‘democratic’ system of government; an impact that gives greater voice to industry than it does to WE the people.

Whenever we hold public meetings and people are given unbiased information about shale gas extraction (fracking), they question the risk and so we focus heavily on getting the videos, studies and expert, industry voices out. Now though the danger grows ever nearer and we are having to block the roads, lock the gates and try our best to get this stopped before more harm is done. We each would wish to be heard and heeded by lawful means - but when laws are being abused by those with the power to do so (who have a vested interest)... how lawful can we remain?

 I don’t know how we ultimately solve this – I do though feel that we can ONLY succeed – together as WE, the people.