Sunday, 4 August 2013

Some Balcombe moments...

~The best-ever chocolate brownies - made with beetroot!
~Villagers singing new words to Jerusalem whilst making the most fabulous entrance since Liberace created the genre.
~The little girl in the prettiest blue flamenco dress who seemed puzzled when I said so - she corrected me, saying that actually she was dressed as water.
...The police officer grinding the young man’s elbow into the gravel and dragging it so it ripped the skin away – even though he was being held down by so many, that he posed no risk.

~New friends, old friends, virtual-friends (made flesh) and fresh new smiles met.
~The emergence within just a few hours of a fully decorated lounge/family-room with carpets, sofas, a candelabra and idyllic families to populate it.
~The feasts of vibrant, fresh, local produce along with brilliant cooks that all seemed to appear as if by magic when hunger struck.  
...The panicked smile on the young girl’s face as she was held aloft by her arms, legs and hair by police officers treating her as if she was a weapon-carrying threat to all in the vicinity.

~The early morning "Good mornings" from smiling faces, en-route to and in the kitchen area; as we all avoided looking at the kettle for fear it actually would never boil.
~The late night talk and laughter as the day was digested into conversation with heaps of humour to season it.
~The easy, natural hugs that occur between strangers and friends with shared purpose and intent.
...The tears of frustration and screams of “SHAME ON YOU!” that came from me, without my control as we stalked the circles of police that wrapped round painful scenes too ugly to be viewed - too wrong to be tolerated.

~The schemes and plans that bubbled up through the hours as we 10 of us sat in traffic on the bus from the ‘Unloved, Desolate North’ to reach 'The Great Gas Gala of Balcombe'.
~The goodbye that was positively regal as we headed off to the sounds of whoops, well-wishes, whistles and chants and the sight of warm, smiling faces that just looked like reason to go on with all this.
~The superb certainty of a return to this place and awareness/relief/gratefulness that others with honour are doing what's necessary.
...The ache inside that is the true, deep and inescapable reality of the threat from this ugly business - and knowing, we MUST stop it.