Saturday, 20 September 2014

People's Climate March Tomorrow...

In earlier days when less was known about unconventional energy techniques like 'fracking' and few were aware there was threat to notice, our local Residents' Action on Fylde Fracking and the few other groups across the country, were holding public meetings anywhere and everywhere possible.

It was an awful thing to do,
Truly awful

You would take a room of blissfully unaware but curious people who were wondering
…and then you gave them the facts of the processes involved in fracking and there would be silence, then there would be disbelief and at last, anger.

I referred to what we were doing as the bringing of the  ‘Unwelcome Gift

We only brought truth
But once you knew it
Once you realised the implications
You couldn’t UNknow it
You couldn’t walk away and pretend it was probably going to be ok really

The risks were too obvious once you knew the how and the who of this
And so there you had it… the gift of truth and knowledge
And no-one was going to feel like thanking you for it

I see the beautiful faces of everyone who became active along the way… amidst ever growing crowds of those who continue to receive the unwelcome gift and swell our numbers.

I see them apparently tireless at event after event
But it isn’t really a tirelessness that keeps us going

We ARE tired – pretty near exhaustion at times
But we are driven by a force  more powerful than anything else on earth

--We are protecting our young-- 

…and when that’s what you’re doing – there is no way to stop, no exit door and no end until the threat ceases to be.



The People's Climate March is likely happening somewhere near most people - for us here in the North of England it's the People's Climate March Manchester + Lobby of Labour Conference that most I know are heading to.

Will it matter? Will it have impact? Yes. 

It will have impact on us and on those who need to feel the solidarity and sense the growth of awareness... and as it's coming up to election time - even those in politics are going to have to pay attention.  #PeoplesClimate