Monday, 6 October 2014

Nanas in Court... EVENT

THIS Wednesday 8th October 2014 our case returns to Manchester High Court to start by 10:15 am. Cuadrilla (the frackers) are supporting the landowner in the case and seek an injunction to keep us off the land that is currently under planning consideration for full-production fracking sites. The injunction if obtained would last up to planning application decisions at which time it will be re-considered. They are aiming to use a named Nana as an example by making her personally liable for tens of thousands in costs.

Named Nana Tina Louise-uk: "There is no point in worrying about all this though because it does not change our obligation to stop fracking - so just need to get on and once sorted - work out how to maximise any gains (ie: public awareness, indignation that residents seeking to protect their community are subject to costs of this magnitude - designed to put off others from standing against fracking and deter further actions.)

"That the Nanas will be together carrying ourselves with the determination and unity we have shown throughout this - is all I personally need to feel alright. Much love and luck to us all xxx"

If any are available to show court support it would be very deeply appreciated - we aim to arrive by 9:45am at:
Manchester High Court
Justice Centre
1 Bridge Street West
Greater Manchester
M60 9DJ

***We will be wearing Yellow & Black - the colours of the anti-fracking community - as we aren't allowed to wear our aprons or other items perceived as 'protest'... we encourage others to do the same - sunflowers too will feature :)