Friday, 30 January 2015

Favour & Influence...

Thank you to all who have made it possible to raise the deposit of £500 and cover some of the publicity costs by raising a wonderful £1,249! Reality is though that with George and his fortune to challenge, this campaign needs more and as there are just 2 days left on the Crowdfunder Campaign - I'd like to ask again if any can spare whatever they can to help. 

Running against George Osborne in Tatton presents an exceptional opportunity and a huge number of challenges - reaching out across the area to ensure residents are aware of the principles, policies and values of the Green Party of England and Wales is no easy task. Although I find it the saddest truth that politicians can make lies sound believable by wrapping enough paid-for marketing round them happens; I need to have a 'fighting fund' that can at least get me venues for public meetings, printed material, mailings (£800 to cover one mail-out to this ward alone!) and cover costs of making this all possible. 

It is often obvious that donating to a political campaign buys favour and influence for the donor - and I'd like to assure you that your donation DOES indeed do that... my interpretation of what you'd like in return, is genuine representation in government for UK residents - not corporate interests. Many small donations from many people, represents a democratisation of the fund-raising side of political campaigns and is a whole lot more honest and moral than taking huge amounts from a few who will want favours and influence in return. 

If you can support through the Crowdfunder campaign page, it would be great - thank you x