Sunday, 25 January 2015

Green & Pleasant Land...

Just reminded of this thanks to Brenda Pollack & Kathryn McWhirter - from that inspirational Summer in Balcombe:
Fracking Anthem – And did they frack
Inspired by William Blake’s poem. Thank you, Mr Blake.
And did they frack in ancient times?
Poisoning waters, once so clean?
And were their fil-thy rigs of doom
On England’s plea-sant-pastures seen?
And did the On-ly face of Truth
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And do the frackers know time is up
To build their dark sa-ta nic mills.
Come join us here and sing your song:
Sing of the justice you desire.
Assist us NOW! These frackers are wrong.
We now remember: We’re the Choir.
We will not cease from camp-ing here,
Nor shall we rest till fracking’s banned.
Till we have kicked these frackers out
Of England’s green-and pleasant land.
2nd August 2013 ©Simon Welsh Poetry