Monday, 5 January 2015

Unknown unknowns ahead...

Here goes then... 2015 is certainly not starting off in any recognisable way - as I find myself here, running against George Osborne forTatton with the Green Party.

Realise this doesn't sit well with all and I understand the reluctance of activists to engage with the very system at the heart of the troubles we face and until very recently - felt the same. BUT... after the past 4 years as an activist, witnessing incredible determination, commitment, honour, bravery and sacrifice from so many I've encountered - I concluded that as well as aiming to create the alternatives - some of us need to be active beyond our campaigns and each other - get to the root of the problem and infest it with some of our passionate determination for better. I found the Green Party policies to be virtually in synch with all that I hope for and very similar to our Occupy Democracy demands; I also have huge respect for Natalie, so found it very easy to be Green 

Although politics is an ugly beast and I do not do this with pleasure - I do have immense curiosity and a desire to get some way into the dark mess and at least know more about the processes.

Below is a plea for help with funding - horrid to ask for money but politics isn't a cheap thing (don't we know it!) - aside from the initial 500 required to even get on the ballot paper - we need to counter the propaganda of the others - so newsletters, factsheets, events etc. need to be paid for and the Green Party has a wonderful policy of NOT accepting BIG corporate donors who will want favours later - so I've set up a account in order to raise the money and if you can help - thank you  If you can't then too xxx

The changes we need in our system of government can start happening now; raising campaign funds through individuals via crowdfunding, rather than being obliged to powerful financial backers. The Green Party is not like other parties and the 2015 election promises to be something unique.

I’m Tina Louise Rothery, the Green Party candidate for Tatton, Cheshire and this crowdfunder is in place to raise the money needed to cover the costs of campaigning. The current MP for Tatton is Chancellor George Osborne (he doesn't need to crowdfund but he will be indebted to his party's big backers). 

Time and again we see the same types of people taking office and wielding power. We are not so na├»ve as to believe any more that the political decisions that gift us dangerous industries in our back yards, the privatisation of our NHS,  seemingly forgiven banking scandals, bank bailouts and austerity, war, torture and trade agreements granting near omnipotence to corporates  – are in our best interests.

I do not believe our current system of government is at all reflective of the people we truly are and it will take the input of people more-like-us, to make it so; I am running in order to be the change I wish to see. Your kindness in giving, makes the difference in so many ways and although the 'Rewards' appear just a trifle - my thanks are genuine and heartfelt.

After 4 years of campaigning to halt plans for unconventional energy techniques like fracking and Coal Bed Methane and standing as an activist with so many others across the world calling for change with the Occupy movement, I believe bridging politics and activism to be an important step towards better. I have longed to hear politicians speak about the things that really matter and to have a reason to believe they are acting with good intent -  I find these things easily amongst activists. This 2015, I hope more campaigners and activists take their good intent and 'occupy politics'. 

I’m appealing for £900 to cover the cost of entering the election (£500) and for the publicity materials, travel and other costs along the way. The Green Party is determined to be on as many ballot papers as possible this time round and I want to make sure the people within the Tatton constituency are aware that there IS a choice in 2015... doesn't have to be business-as-usual any more.

Every pound you can give will make a difference and help to democratise political fund raising, thank you so much.

With sincere thanks,
Tina Louise Rothery 

**Please ensure you are on the electoral register - this is a requirement of donating to a political party. And you'll need to be on it to vote next year - register here if you're not.**