Thursday, 23 July 2015


It seems then that the strong 'No' from our Council and the people of the area, means little to this industry and they will persevere using all the legal and lobbyist powers money can buy. The further along this process goes the more absurd it gets. When do we get a say in this? Why is the decision of our Council not good enough? How many appeals and how much money and time can our cash-strapped Council spend on this? Is the hope that the industry's might will eventually wear us down?

Locally the opposition to this dangerous industry is not going away and continues to grow as more people become aware of the facts. Francis Egan said today that he is committed "to engaging with local communities to reassure them operations can and will be carried out safely" and we would absolutely welcome this. For nearly four years we have asked for an open, public debate with Cuadrilla but they never come.  Maybe I can take this opportunity through The Gazette to invite representatives of Cuadrilla to join us in a genuinely public forum at the earliest opportunity. Our deep concerns have kept us from our normal lives for years now and mumblings of reassurance are not enough. We have questions and would like them publicly answered in full.

With dire warnings of the potential effect of this industry on our health from the Medact Report, revelations in the now un-redacted DEFRA Report that herald warnings for our rural economy, increasing investor reluctance and the announcement by the Dutch government of a five year ban,  it is clear that fracking in the UK is dangerous, past it's opportunity and worthless.

The community will continue to oppose this and although we may not have the power and money of this industry, we operate from a position of protecting our young - which makes us unstoppable.

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