Monday, 12 October 2015

What is a 'Nana'...

The UK Nanas, inspired by the Knitting Nannas (started in Australia), came together in 2014 and I was asked to define what being a Nana is all about:

What is a 'Nana'...
[Our 'Nana' status is not so much biological... more about a state of mind. We have young male and female Nanas who don't have children and all sorts. We wanted to protect our communities from the harmful effects fracking would bring and needed the media to stop categorising and labelling us as being: 'eco activists' or 'climate campaigners' etc.
...We are caring human beings first and foremost - we are informed and we do this because we are OBLIGED to future generations; to ensure they can rely on fresh air and clean water.

We ARE unstoppable, not because we're tough or riotous or expert -but because we are not choosing activism, we are obligated to do this. How can any of us say it's ok to let fracking happen - that the risks don't count anymore - that generations to come don't matter enough? That would be negligent and impossible.

For us... every exit door has an image of the struggles we will leave for the next generations on it and we can't get out, till we fulfill our obligation to the children to come.]
*more than just fracking + the whole range of unconventional energy techinques ie: CBM, CSG, UCG etc.