Tuesday, 8 December 2015

A Community Protection Camp

Community Protection Camp

Building towers
Reinforcing commitment
With cemented wheelie bins
And chains of dedication

The drums beat the dance right out of you
And the pipes call the souls out to play
Cold wind whips normality aside and
Paint-trailed words of love, show the way

Soothed with the fruit and veg of human kindness
Community gratitude for what ‘s being endured
For what ‘s to come
And for what can never be 
…if only
The Protectors succeed

The poets, dreamers, lovers and the lost
Refresh & replenish here
Pit stops to pick up 
Love, hope, determination, passion, beauty
From the muddy hands clasped in solidarity
The chilled cheeks kissed to feel humanity
The warm hugs seized for the memories

 Protectors of the land 
…have come home

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