Thursday, 3 December 2015

F*cking Syria

Great Britain being great
At slaughter for the state
Of economies, mock democracies
Dirty, secret, deal-making cronies

Primed, prepped, erect and shiney
Ejaculating bombs
From on high as almighty
Politicians playing judge and jury
Free reigning letting loose the fury
On titled, named, shamed:
“death cult of woman-hating, muslim-murdering medieval-monsters”

With such precision do they come
Death splatters only the evil ones
No dads, kids, grandmas or mums
Are harmed in the making of this war

This mission? “Cause we can”
This entirely crazy plan
To just keep killing
Till the killing stops

And maybe the energy market’s former drop
Also stops
And coffers fill from trade in
Gotten arms

And more still from manipulating 
Staging, re-arranging political situations
In these other people’s nations
Getting one and all capitulating
To the call for new trade deals
Oiling the wheels of fighter jets

….primed, prepped, erect