Monday, 17 October 2016

Court & Prison Postponed

UPDATE on court appearance:

People have got the power... and the people online created such a fuss that I received the following letter... CANCELLING my court appearance on Wednesday 19 Oct 2016 in Blackpool.

It may not be over and just a pause or perhaps... who knows but the words on the document say this:

[Upon the court considering the safety and security issues which may arise at the hearing of 19th October 2016 and being advised that the Court at Blackpool may not be an appropriate venue IT IS ORDERED THAT:

The hearing listed on 19 October 2016 be adjourned to a date to be fixed at a venue to be fixed. Dated 13 October 2016]

That's all - so although not necessarily out of the woods, certainly the power of people sharing and planning to attend has forced the court to halt this... for now. I could not be more grateful and relieved that prison is not this week - thank you,

*Biggest thanks to George Brown for creating events like I am Tina Too as well as In Style at Styal that raised awareness of the abuse of justice and intimidation of an activist - designed to deter others and not to really apply true justice or law x

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