Thursday, 6 October 2016


Nana statement about today's decision to overrule Lancashire County Council's rejection of planning permission for fracking in Lancashire:

[This ruling is called 'landmark' and for us it certainly is: it is a landmark moment that reveals the willingness of our government to gamble with our childrens' futures - it marks the point where our local Councillors have been rendered impotent - it marks the point where 'local democracy' was shown to be a myth and it marks the day when our hopes that we had of a voice and choices in our own lives, were extinguished. The Prime Minister said she wanted a society fairer for all ...where's the fairness for Lancashire Theresa? You've made clear we truly aren't 'all in this together'.

The Nanas will not be standing aside and letting Cuadrilla pass into the paths of our families. We have exhausted every option available to us in this democracy ...our obligation remains to ensure the health and wellbeing of our children. How this plays out? We are still working out but we do know, it no longer involves bright yellow tabards, tea, cake and smiles... as Nanas put it as we dressed in black "The oven gloves are off".

On Saturday at 10am we will gather with other groups at Maple Farm (on Preston New Road next door to World of Water) - just a field away from the site earmarked for fracking.]

Lancashire Responds  - #WeSaidNo #DontFrackLancs

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