Friday, 9 December 2016

Reality & But Ifs...

RESULT of today's court case against me - for clarity in face of Cuadrilla (Claimant) manipulation:
I am not allowed to talk publicly about the locked court part in detail - the judge was not robed and therefore the conversation in court was free to discuss aspects he wouldn't have said in open court... can't say what except that the judge very clearly understood the way and why of Cuadrilla's relentless pursuit of me. The conclusion after some considerable negotiation and calls between Cuadrilla solicitors was reached when Cuadrilla agreed to NOT pursue me for charges unless as the judge said - I come into a 'lottery win' and that even then - they would have to come again to court in which case I could again contest... the judge then asked me to swear that all I had said was true including that I had no finances... I did and he said "Charges dropped". No financial forms, no call for bankrupting me and nothing to be in contempt about :)

So... in a nutshell the best outcome as I'm NOT in prison, NOT being pursued for costs and charges were dropped

Today has resulted in a feeling of bliss - humanity never looked, read or felt this lovely and thanks cannot possibly hope to cover all the ways people made today magnificent both online and in-hugs. I am overjoyed but as there may have been a glass or two of wine consumed... I think it best I hold back from rambling on, I'd only be doing that slightly tipsy slurring "I really love you I do..." stuff lol!

Because I am elated but exhausted, rather than post new words I am going to post what I had written - with difficulty - for Cheryl to read out IF things had ended badly and I was going to prison... of course we know that our story, has happier endings :)

Hey amazing people... If Nana Cheryl is reading this then that means I am unable to because the legal system has not found justice but has instead been used in a feeble effort to stop you and me from doing what is right, necessary and essential. This WILL NOT make a difference to anything except Cuadrilla's already in-the-gutter reputation... removing me from my role as protector of my young - is like taking a grain of sand from the beach - NO CHANGE.

We are a MOVEMENT - not just one short grandma.

Now this is the important bit...

Because all they succeeded in doing was to take that one grain of sand... it is vital that we really do carry on exactly as we do. That we have our public meetings, lobby our MPs, inform our Councillors, build our camps, have our creative actions and stop this industry from ever getting started in our country.

In Standing Rock - the beauty of the peaceful and honourable Protectors shone like a beacon against the dark backdrop of violence against them by security and police - to be dragged into a sense of retaliation or angry response - would be to change who we are - and then we lose.

What we have grown to become over the past 5 years of this movement coming together - is a thing that never ceases to delight me. Such beautiful humanity coming out of our comfort zones, away from our family routines and plunged into necessary service for our communities... OUR WAYS are the right ways and we need too......... to be the beacons in this.

Let's also give thanks now to what Cuadrilla has achieved...

THANK YOU Cuadrilla for the opportunity to show what you're really all about - not sponsoring kids rugby teams but silencing and punishing opposition

THANK YOU Cuadrilla for the opportunity for strong, INDEPENDENT media to come into its own with this case - to show what genuinely honest journalism looks like - thinking very much of Claire Stevo Ruth Hayhurstand John Hobson

THANK YOU Cuadrilla for the opportunity to show that unions, celebrities, protectors, NGOs, campaign groups and all manner of diverse things can come together and get consensus - we have in this case created new networks and this will enhance our work

THANK YOU Cuadrilla for the opportunity to show we cannot be beaten by you... we will continue to prove this.

My final words before you have others speak and head to the pub to please be lovely to each other and understand that this is ok.... it could be worse and I will be ok because I have you all for company every step of the way...

To those who have had their lives turned upside down these past weeks... close friends, fellow Protectors my deeply impacted sister Julie and all my beautiful Nanas... the stress in lives and faces has been clear... ill health too and I can't bear to know this is causing such upset - please let this wash over you and please don't let it cause any more harm... it's what Cuadrilla wanted - they foolishly think we are stoppable.

That you all came and that so much was done online is testament to the strength... unity and love between us. We are ONE.

All my love and solidarity, Tina xxx

And now to rest and immerse in family for the holiday season. Two memes that are ust going out - one calling a pause to another action and one with an invitation, say it all: