Saturday, 28 January 2017

F*ck you Cuadrilla...

 ps... realised there was one last bit stuck before I could put the week away - it's out now and I can sleep xxx<3 span="">

Fuck You Cuadrilla

Fuck you Cuadrilla
For the theft of lives
The years of lies
The shite you bring
The tales you spin
The show of might
The taste of spite
The way you drag me
Lower me
To the beneath me
Of you
Your vile ways
Aren’t mine
Your abuse
Beyond my ability
To see what you do as possible
As actually do-able
As what you do!
You play roulette with people, with futures, with hopes, dreams and happiness
You line us up like random targets
And don’t give a damn what gets knocked down
So long as your’e still standing
You dig your claws
We dig our heels
You’ll kneel before we will
You’ll fail before any drill
Touches the space between my body and this Lancashire soil
You CANNOT stop true people
PROTECTING, defending, safe-guarding, cherishing and holding dear
…our children!
What depths you imagine you can reach are nothing
Nothing to the heights, lengths and breadths that the diversity of us
Will go
To stop you
You will not win
Because we won’t stop till you lose